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Business processes have been significantly impacted by information technology. To have a competitive edge, companies need to use mobile devices, cloud computing and other technological evolutions. In this way, the traditional IT risk perimeter was expanded, which increases the concern with information security and privacy. Stay alert, take new measures to protect yourself, invest in new controls, and comply with all regulatory requirements. Here we will point out the benefits of the solution in Audit and Compliance for your organization's processes.


How important is an Audit and Compliance solution?


The IT Audit is justified by several factors, among which is the increasingly intense and widespread use of IT in corporations, which leads to a growing dependence, which even makes it essential to have IT resources to conduct the Business. Furthermore, information is a strategic resource, which requires special care in acquisition, handling and storage procedures. Another point that requires attention is the increase in interconnectivity, which induces greater vulnerability to external threats. From an organizational point of view, there is an increasing number of computerized systems, whose complexity and interconnectivity require a growing level of effort in their development and operation. This is also reflected in the way companies conduct their business, causing organizational and strategic changes. The dependence on computerized systems also makes possible errors to be increased, which can cause major damages. In this context, it is necessary to incorporate increasingly powerful control mechanisms, that is, the application of a Compliance or Operational Audit is essential for the proper functioning of organizations.


  What are the benefits of the Audit and Compliance solution in IT?


With the Audit & Compliance solution, you'll keep your IT infrastructure controls, hardware and software in compliance, and all metrics documented, always ready for internal or external audits. This reduces risk and eliminates fines for non-compliance. Effectively managing your technology infrastructure can not only improve your responses and negotiations with vendors at audit times, but ensure ongoing compliance. 70% of Companies report having one or more software audits per year. And this percentage tends to increase due to greater control and visibility of hardware and software manufacturers with customers. Internal audits, likewise, require efficient controls and periodic responses regarding the technology environment, management processes, compliance with respect to acquisitions and contract renewals with suppliers, tax data, access and use of technological resources. Information about IT assets managed actively, continuously and through a centralized point of contact is essential to have accurate information, in an optimized way, consuming as little resources and time as possible.


Learn about other benefits of the Audit and Compliance solution:


GAPS identification

Prior identification of gaps and points of non-compliance in hardware and software (hiring, consumption, availability) before internal or external audits


Deviation correction

Continuous management of software licensing and detailed control of warranty dates for desktops, notebooks and datacenter assets, with reallocation of resources avoiding waste, unbudgeted costs or poorly applied investments.


Audit defense

Audit defense in an agile way, with accurate information, always updated and in real time.


Elimination of risks

Elimination of safety risks, unavailability, impact by restrictions, punishments or fines applied for non-compliance with suppliers, regulatory bodies or audits of the Company's internal areas.


Company image

Maintenance of a good reputation and image of the Company in the market through compliance with controls, policies and standards. With the Automats, you are always compliant and ready for audit defense.


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