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In the last 20 years we have witnessed a sudden change in the way we deal with the world. This transformation is based, in large part, on technological advances. There was also a revolution in the corporate world. Smartphones, tablets, ultra-fast internet connections and IoT devices are just a few examples of tools that made us more productive and allowed us to break goals faster. It is no coincidence that businesses are increasingly digital and the technology areas have played a prominent and relevant role within the Companies, taking the lead in innovation, improving processes and executing the control and optimization of investments.


In a competitive world, where we deal with economic crises from time to time, developing strategies to reduce the company's costs and optimize its productivity becomes an even more important item.


Here are some tips for optimizing IT infrastructure costs:


Process optimization/automation

The first step to reducing costs is to optimize your processes by implementing systems that automate activities. They are able to quickly and efficiently perform manual, repetitive and routine tasks, freeing employees for higher value-added functions, that is, those that really contribute to the company's results. Optimization should also be done in the IT area using complete and integrated systems, such as an IT asset management solution. This process will facilitate the management of workstations, smartphones, servers and other devices through a single dashboard.


Infrastructure improvement

IT management helps the company to have agile internal processes. After all, with well-configured systems and equipment it is possible to make the daily activities of professionals more efficient. Furthermore, an effective network infrastructure can reduce the chances of communication processes being interrupted by failures and still avoid performance problems. Therefore, with fewer operational inefficiencies, the costs caused by repairs and reworks are reduced or even eliminated.


Support for systems integration

IT can study ways to integrate all the company's systems, unifying them in just one application or in a few solutions. As a result, processes become more fluid, noise in communication and information exchange is reduced, and there is greater control over workflows.


Process customization

Many software arrives already configured and sometimes they don't adapt to the company's routines. Sometimes it is organizational processes that end up being changed to align with adopted programs. But this can generate extra costs and operational difficulties.
However, an efficient IT is able to seek ways to customize the processes of these systems according to the needs and requirements of the company. This eliminates the cost of the complete refurbishment of activities that would otherwise be required.


Apply investments correctly

Another big question to reduce costs is how to correctly apply your investments in the midst of so many alternatives that are presented. For this, it is necessary to manage them correctly by mapping the IT assets and the resources involved. Simplifying management and processes, reducing hardware and software expenses. As a result, you will have a budget improvement.
We cannot forget that the management of IT assets is essential to support the strategies defined by the business. According to Gartner, in the first year of implementing an asset management solution, the Companies reduce 30% of the cost in hardware and software contracts.


The optimization of costs and investments in IT infrastructure generated by Automatos' IT asset management solution presents its gains for the business with support on several fronts.



Learn about some of the benefits of the IT Asset Management Solution:


Budget Accuracy

Elaboration and execution of a strategic budget, based on updated data from the computational environment.


Waste Elimination

Identification and mapping of the IT infrastructure to make better use of your Company's current computing resources (hardware, software and licenses), eliminating waste and undue expenses.


Resource reallocation

Movement and reallocation of resources within its technological environment, optimizing utilization, avoiding unnecessary hiring or acquisitions.


Ideal Hiring Models

Visibility for the acquisition of the most adequate hardware and software computational resources, correctly sized, considering the users' profiles, the ideal moment and the best contracting model with suppliers.


Power in Negotiations

Increased bargaining power with suppliers for knowing what will actually be acquired, in advance, without the need to negotiate under pressure.



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