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Do you understand that maturity in IT asset management leads to better financial, operational and compliance results for companies that have them?

Companies have several challenges to manage the technological environment and the innovation journey. Low maturity in IT asset management is a major challenge to be overcome, as it directly impacts business performance.

But how to map the degree of maturity in this management to identify the main GAPS and establish a plan with priority objectives and actions to be executed?


Note if any of these points are part of your current business scenario:


– High IT infrastructure maintenance costs;
– Manual operational processes that need to be automated;
– Waste of resources in computer acquisitions, software licenses, hiring people for the IT operation;
– Difficulty in planning an accurate budget for initiatives in the area of ​​technology and innovation
– Low team productivity
– Difficulty in establishing controls, measuring and ensuring business compliance with internal and external agents.


If the answer was “yes” to some of the above questions, your company may not be fully compliant to meet the current business challenges,


A Automats have the solution AVA - Automatos Value Assessment, an exclusive service for Automatos' customers to constantly assess the maturity of controls and processes in the management of IT assets.


This service positions Automatos as an Advisor for its clients, bringing great results for the business.
In addition to identifying GAPs in controls and processes, Automatos Value Assessment directs and establishes corrective actions on the controls of:

● Hardware;
● Software;
● Depreciation;
● Performance and productivity;
● Licensing;
● Costs and investments.


Understanding how your IT asset management is currently in the context of your business will show you the most agile path to great results.


Discover the numbers achieved through efficient IT asset management:

● 30% IT cost savings (hardware and software) in the first year of implementing IT asset management;
● 25% maximum savings on annual software licensing costs;
● 50% reduction in audit response time.

Discover Automatos Value Assessment and position your IT in a consultative and strategic way for your business!


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