Improve the management of your environment with general or specific views of technologies, resources and levels of use. Understand and better distribute your resources on a constant basis, correcting operational, investment and compliance deviations, without surprises.

The technology environment is alive and dynamic with constant changes. As the digital landscape changes, IT managers face the challenge of keeping up with this evolution.

It is not possible to properly manage an environment without visibility and metrics.

For many organizations, software license renewals are traumatic because there is little time for preparation and much difficulty in finding, collecting and consolidating data. To shorten this complex journey, purchases are usually made following the same number of licenses or subscriptions as in the previous period.

Therefore, it is essential for your business to have complete visibility of the computing environment with a live, functional and real-time inventory. In this way, conditions are created to spend less time in the search for data and more time in the strategic part, optimizing contracts, reducing costs.

Gartner data shows that 30% of companies do not know the assets they own, where they are located and who uses them, and 70% of organizations have a 30% gap between the actual inventory and the inventory they imagine they have.

Master your IT assets intelligently with the Automatos solution.

Automatos for Visibility and IT Management



Planning and budgeting in advance, smart prioritization of investments, distribution and correct use of computational resources, elimination of waste and better management of suppliers


Identification of deviations in the environment

Identification of losses and thefts of components or equipment, software that is not allowed to bring vulnerability to the computing environment, equipment with high consumption and low productivity


Segmentation and Cost Center

View of the computational environment segmented by group of users, departments, regions, business units



Management with continuous compliance with software manufacturers, regulatory bodies and policies of your organization, visibility of the health of the computing environment providing availability


Business Decision Making

The visibility and continuous management of IT assets deliver information from the computing environment that allows companies to respond and direct companies with precise, rational and strategic decisions for the business.

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