Enjoy the benefits of Automated Managed Services to ensure the management of your IT assets efficiently, within the best practices and with a high degree of specialization.

Take a leap of maturity in the management of your IT assets with the operational performance of Automatos ITAM Operation Center through a continuous management service with the responsible areas of the clients, delivering results to the business.

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With Managed Services


Continuous management of the environment

A key success factor in the management of IT assets is the continuous monitoring and management of the environment. Operational performance of Automatos ITAM Operation Center in the daily routine of customers delivers continuous improvement of IT asset management processes by identifying and treating deviations, analyzing controls on obsolescence, dimensioning, history and evolution. The main objective of this service is to maintain the compliance of the environment and deliver fundamental information to optimize investments, freeing the client's internal teams to focus on their business.


Weekly, monthly and annual reports

Information related to the management of the IT assets of the environments is shared through periodic reports, according to the needs and service levels of the customers. All controls are measured and monitored to ensure the leap of maturity in the management of IT assets.


Environment dashboards and indicators

In addition to periodic reports, Automated Managed Services provide dashboards of the main indicators of the IT asset management environment for real-time monitoring and quick decision making.


Executive presentation of results

Professionals in the Automated Managed Services area make executive presentations of results to clients to consolidate all controls and indicators, proposing continuous improvements in management.

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