Increase the delivery capacity of your operation with automation and availability of information in real time to serve users and make important decisions for your business. Focus on performance and productivity.

IT is tasked with doing more with less, under pressure to meet goals and service level agreements, while maintaining tight control over resources and costs.

Software installation and uninstallation processes, slow diagnostics or performance problems and computer management are often carried out through manual and time-consuming processes, diverting your company's key resources from higher value-added activities.

IT asset management has become an indispensable discipline within the business. The visibility and automation of processes and tasks make the IT operation more agile and efficient, improving the results of your business, with availability and increasing the degree of satisfaction of users and customers.

The Automatos solution creates efficient processes, delivering optimization for your IT operation on several fronts.

Automatos for the Optimization of IT Operation


Process automation

Automation of tasks, processes and procedures for removing and distributing software to meet your business requirements quickly and simply


Quick Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Availability of information, in real time, about the computational resources of users and customers, providing accurate diagnoses and agility in the operation of your Service Desk


Increased Availability of Computational Resources

The continuous management of IT assets proactively identifies computational deviations and speeds up the necessary corrections, maintaining a controlled environment, with high availability, reducing the number of incidents at the Service Desk


Integration with the Technology Ecosystem

Integration of IT asset management information with the ecosystem and technology platforms such as IT Service Management, ERP, Business Intelligence, delivering operational agility to the business


Increased productivity

Increased productivity of IT teams, with process automation and elimination of rework and revalidation of information

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