Map your assets and IT resources to be more successful in digitizing your platforms and infrastructure. Scale resources and investments correctly.

The digitalization journey allows organizations to move quickly to innovation, in a scalable way, with investment optimization and high management capacity, as long as it is done properly.

Without visibility, management, governance and a well-designed strategy, organizations can face obstacles that impact the results of these initiatives.

Automatos provides the perfect support and foundation with the IT asset management information you need to successfully plan the digital transformation in your organization.

Automatos for the Day of Digitalization of Environments


Visibility and Scaling

Visibility and adequate dimensioning of the local computing environment to eliminate unmapped cost risks, infrastructure gaps and security.


Computational Resource Assessment

Assessment of local resources for platform migrations


Business Decision Making

The visibility and continuous management of IT assets deliver information from the computing environment that allows companies to respond and direct companies with precise, rational and strategic decisions for the business.

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