Software Homologation

In companies' technology environments, there are thousands of software present on corporate computers. Within this complex scenario are licensable, non-licensable applications, manufacturers, products, by-products, plugins, versions, and each with specific purposes related to work, productivity, safety, among others.
Mapping this world of software and defining what is allowed and not allowed within corporate environments, taking into account the different policies of companies, is a challenge that is not only the responsibility of IT managers, but also of the entire organization. The presence of malicious software, out of date or in “end of support” can present vulnerabilities and cause serious problems of data loss or leakage, impacting the business, affecting the Company's image in the market.

Automatos' software homologation performs the complete mapping of the environment's softwares and allows the categorization of the homologated and non-homologated software for each Company or department. In a simple way it is possible to identify computers that have software, plugins that are not

permitted by company policy and takes the uninstallation action, maintaining the organization's compliance and security.

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