Automatos provides solutions for the management of essential IT assets for the Companies, combining powerful technologies and services that optimize the business, delivering results for the pillars of audit, investment, operation and innovation. The optimization and automation generated by Automatos solutions transform companies by increasing differentiation and competitiveness in the market, within a perspective of lasting alliance and extreme confidence, adding management and control to:



Audit and Compliance

Keep IT infrastructure, hardware and software controls in compliance and all documented indicators, always ready for internal or external audits. Reduce risk and eliminate fines for non-compliance.


Cost and Investment Optimization

Apply your investments correctly by mapping the IT assets and resources involved. Simplify management and processes by reducing hardware and software costs. Perfect your budget.


IT Operation Optimization

Increase the delivery capacity of your operation with automation and availability of information in real time to serve users and make important decisions for your business. Focus on performance and productivity.


Day of Digitization of Environments

Map your assets and IT resources to be more successful in digitizing your platforms and infrastructure. Scale resources and investments correctly.


IT Visibility and Management

Improve the management of your environment with general or specific views of technologies, resources and levels of use. Understand and better distribute your resources on a constant basis, correcting operational, investment and compliance deviations, without surprises.

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