Automatos goes beyond discovery and inventory to understand exactly how its technology is being used. We generate the autonomy to optimize your budget and maximize your results, elevating IT as an agent of change and transformation.

Large companies and financial, retail and service institutions use Automatos to optimize their investments in software, applications and hardware, automating their operations by increasing the level of information security and compliance with internal and external policies and controls.

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Active clients


Managed assets

Automats, focused on the constant innovation of technologies, platforms and IT devices present in companies, accompanies in its development a large and qualified team of engineers, support and after sales, responsible for delivering a cutting-edge solution, identifying and proposing with customers and partners ways to overcome new challenges in the management of IT assets.

National Company, founded in 2.000 and a pioneer in the development and offering of Software As A Service in Brazil, the Automats is recognized in the market for its innovation and the ability to revolutionize the sector with the delivery of a cutting edge solution for the management of IT assets, bringing transformation and protection to customers.

With more than 300 active customers in all market segments and several partners of high patent, scope and relevance in the market, we manage more than 1 million IT devices.

“Our customers are the reason for everything we do. Our growth goes hand in hand with the growth of our customers ”


Through products and services developed and continuously improved, deliver to our customers and partners affordable, uncomplicated and innovative solutions that optimize consumption, costs and controls of technologies and processes present in companies.


  • Focus on the experience of our customers;
  • Commitment to our employees;
  • Innovation and continuous improvement of our services;
  • Constant cooperation with our partners;
  • Ethics in the management of our business.

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