Dashboards and KPI'S

For companies that seek agility in decisions and ease in managing environments, Automatos delivers a visibility service and compliance panels for IT assets through dashboards and frameworks aligned with the controls required in the disciplines of ITAM, SAM and Performance.

Customized views are developed in Dashboards on demand.

Data correlation provides information for making strategic decisions.

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With Dashboards and KPI's


ITAM Framework

It provides a comprehensive, clear and real-time view of assets in a consolidated or segmented manner by manufacturer, processor models, memory, OS, antivirus, age of equipment.

Historical indicators support the evolution points in the strategies for updating software and operating systems.


SAM Framework

Companies that are aiming for a leap of maturity in software management obtain visibility of installed and used, approved and unapproved software

With the view of software contracts, the framework provides consumption information and balance of software licenses to correct deviations and keep the environment in compliance with suppliers and manufacturers.


Performance Framework

The level of user productivity and operating costs related to exchanging computers or tickets at the service desk is directly linked to the performance of the computing environment.

The visibility of computational resources such as CPU, memory, disk and view of the main consuming processes are provided with high strategic value to optimize IT operations and investments.


Framework On Demand

Our expert engineers are ready to understand and identify the needs of customers and partners, so we will create personalized views for each customer to manage IT assets.

The customized dashboards are adapted to the Companies' needs and processes, thus meeting specific control points for each business.

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