Can you answer these questions for your business?

Are the assets' hardware and software data ready to respond to internal and external audits? What is the operational effort and resource consumption that your company spends to obtain them?

How many machines are vulnerable because they have NOT ALLOWED software installed in their environment?

Is your company spending on licenses purchased for software that is not being used?

How does your operation prioritize investment in refreshing / changing equipment in your environment?

What is your effort to keep your inventory alive? Is the inventory data integrated with the Service-Desk to optimize service?

Know Our Solution

The need to optimize operations, correctly direct investments, increasing the level of security and compliance are competitive differentials and leverage the image of companies in the market.

The solution Automatos is increasingly present in companies because it is a platform developed to deliver in a simple way the fundamental visions for auditing and compliance related to the complete inventory of the technology, software & licensing, performance & availability environment supporting information security and establishing asset connectivity through secure remote access.

Automatos 'solution has become the basis for making decisions for our clients' business.

Your next IT Asset Management solution in 3 minutes!

IT Asset Management in 3 minutes. Check out how Automatos supports its customers and partners in a successful journey in the management of IT assets.


Inventory Management

Get detailed, up-to-date information on your IT assets in real time.


Asset Life Cycle

Manage the life of assets over time, from entry, maintenance, to disposal.



Get the locations of your assets managing in real time through Geolocation.


Software categorization

Categorize software according to good security practices.


Balance and License Registration

Reduce risk with audits, fines and optimize costs by centralizing everything in one place.


Remote access

Securely access, remove and distribute software located inside or outside your network.

Gains from IT Asset Management for your business:

Up to 30% savings in IT costs (Gartner)

Up to 25% savings in software costs (Gartner)

Automatos Services

Automatos Services optimizes investments in hardware and software, increases the productivity of the operation, ensures a greater level of control regarding information security and compliance with internal policies and software suppliers of customers.

  • ASSESSMENT for diagnosing the maturity of IT asset management;
  • DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION of projects and processes in asset management;
  • MANAGED SERVICES through the continuous management of the ITAM Operation Center Automatos with the generation of KPIs, books, reports and presentation of results regarding the essential resources and information for decision making for the business.

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